Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Who?......The Doors

     Well, I had another insightful fun filled blog to post today. Then I found out that in my 2:00 AM genius I neglected to save it last night. I have about two readers anyways, but I really thought I had a nice piece of work. So, instead I'll give you the truncated edition. The story was my critical reaction to the Singer Bowl concert of 1968, featuring "The Doors" and "The Who" as co-headliners. A dream concert line up for rock aficionado; the artists, the location, and the outcome combined to inspire a towering concert experience. A hot maniac vibe enveloped the crowd at this show, and two of the most anarchist bands in rock did their best to push them over the edge
     After listening to the forty plus year old audience recordings I felt inspired to share my view on these dynamic and historic performances. My text was filled with analytical readings of Jim Morrison's poetic ramblings during a blossoming version of "The End". One of the all time best, containing great intuitive playing by The Doors, and snatches of Morrison works like, "Strange Gods Are Coming", and" Ensenada". This rare performance only available in the sonically challenged world of bootlegs. My story put you there in the taxi cab muggy air of New York City 1968 as " The Who" destroyed their gear, and the stage. You could hear the wood splinter as the crowd surged, throwing chairs at the stage. You could smell the pot and stale beer rise from the stadium floor as Morrison" fucked with the pigs", and danced like a shaman. But alas, it was not to be, so instead I'll share a few photos of The Doors and The Who's performance that night. I hope the photos replace the work of my lost words, and encourages my readers to hunt down this towering day in live rock and roll performance history.
     It's difficult to convey the riotous atmosphere, and strength of these performances through distant audio recordings interpreted by a rambling writer. I suggest if these performances interest you in anyway, you hunt down the audience field recordings. Great color footage of the show is also available for pursual in The Doors documentary "When You're Strange". Check the normal internet channels and you can start to compile a feel for this extraordinary concert.

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  1. Awesome post, as usual, about two great bands from the past. *Riders on the Storm......*