Sunday, November 18, 2012

"Save the Texas Prairie Chicken"-A Jambalaya of Rock-Bootleg's,Records,DVD's,and Record Store Day

     This "rock room" blog will concentrate less on a certain topic, and focus more on an overview of a busy couple of weeks in rock. With the holiday coming up among other time consuming things, I wanted to get some news out to my loyal readers. I also wanted to encourage any readers to let me know if there is something they would like to see reviewed or talked about in the "rock room". This is one of those times where the "rock gold" is appearing fast and furious and sometimes becomes overwhelming for the collector and fan.
     This past month there have been a number of releases that have come out that rock aficionado's will have to get their hands on. I hope to review and comment on these but as there is such a plethora of gold it will be hard to keep up when real life intervenes. Three major DVD/Bluray releases are available now by three major artists. First up, "The Doors Live at the Bowl 1968" the long awaited remaster and complete July 5, 1968 performance. While some of this footage has been available for a while via VHS, this is the first time it has been restored to its original sequence with audio remastered and visuals improved. The second video release is the "Rolling Stones Charlie's My Darling", which is the first time this Stones 1965 documentary has been officially released. This film follows the band on their tour of Ireland just as "Satisfaction" was breaking on the charts. I will have a comprehensive document on this film hopefully sooner than later. Finally, "Led Zeppelin Celebration Day" will see its official release documenting the group's one off reunion show in London in 2007. I saw this film on the big screen for its" one night only" showing and can unequivocally say that these guys have not lost a step. Jimmy Page's guitar still stings with the same strength as it did at the bands peak, and has also gained a bit of poignancy in its travels.
     The "rock room" has acquired some rare gold to add to it's archives this week with the edition of a NM mono "Revolver" LP that was found at a yard sale for .50 by my Pops. I also acquired a import edition of Yusuf Islam's (Cat Steven's) "Roadsinger Live In Australia" pro shot DVD release which is absolutely astonishing view of the great "Cat" covering his entire career live in concert in 2010. A stunning must have for any Cat Stevens fan. Finally, from the world wide web a recently circulating pro shot black and white video of Manassas live at Bill Graham's Winterland on October 7th 1973 has found its way into general circulation. This is a major find in the "rock community" and I still have to really sit down and watch it again before I will review it. The bootleg is a long well played concert spotlighting tracks from the first two Manassas records. In my opinion it captures Stephen Stills at the peak of his career. Manassas comes across in this feature like a giant orchestrated jambalaya of blues, rock, country, and ethnic tinged grooves with Stills as its crazed conductor.
     As far as the printed word goes there is plenty for the rock historian coming this winter. Biography's of Neil Young, Pete Townsend, and Mick Jagger have all hit the shelves in the last month or so. I have just finished the Pete book, which I must say is an enlightening look at the often misunderstood elder statesman of rock. I am starting the Norman authored Jagger book, and the Neil Young book is on deck. There is a plethora of insightful and important rock documents available for your gift lists!
     "Black Friday" is fast approaching, and is also the second Record Store day of the year containing many "must have" limited vinyl only releases for us crazed record junkies. Personally, I am looking forward to and going after the "Greenhornes with Eric Burdon", the Gene Clark "Echoes" 7", and the "Grateful Dead Winterland" release. There are many more I would like to get, but they falling fast down my list as my finances will not permit me to get everything! Oh well. I will include a link to the entire Record Store Day fleet at the bottom of this post.
     In conclusion I hope all of you that read my posts have a safe and wonderful holiday season filled with sounds of rock! There is much to be excited about, and much new music to be explored. The aforementioned is only a tiny taste of what is going on in my "rock room". I hope your "rock room's" are filled with the sounds of music and contain all rare goods you desire. Tonight I will travel to see "The Monkees" in Buffalo, NY. and I am full of anticipation. For those with a prejudice toward "The Monkees", or for those who are not aware, Michael Nesmith (the real father of country rock) is playing with the group on this swing. Michael is an amazing songwriter and great guitarist in his own right. I feel privileged to be able to see Mike live and in person, and playing his tunes. Again, thanks for reading my rants, and I hope to have some more interesting "rock rambles" for your review soon. Below are some links for you to check out!

Record Store Day 2012

Doom and Gloom-New Stones Tune

Mike Nesmith - Some of Shelly's Blues 2012

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